Are you ready to feel empowered?

Woman Running

August is an exciting month – summer is blazing on, back-to-school season is around the corner and women are showing off their strength at every turn. To no surprise, all of this has us in the mood to celebrate. So, squad up, ladies! Because this month, The Strong Is Sexy Issue is all about celebrating the power of women.

Next week, we’ll kick off a three-part series with one of our favorite vloggers, @TiaHassell. She’ll break down her favorite summer beauty tricks and empower you to share your #beauty with the world. Check back then for the deets!

And nothing makes us feel more confident than being able to laugh at ourselves. So to share in a little summer fun, we want to hear your most epic vacation horror stories. Simply post them in the comments of our #HairyChronicles social media posts. Have something especially juicy to share? We got you. Private message us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll keep it anonymous.

And in case you missed our introduction from The Launch Issue, here’s a crash course. The Ideal Image social magazine is a curation of tips, tricks and inspiration from our editors at Ideal Image and bloggers we love. By following our channels, you’ll have access to articles, videos, inspiring quotes, service reviews, stories from real Ideal Image guests and so much more.

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