Beating The Holiday Hustle

Beating The Holiday Hustle

Holidays are joyful… and stressful. And heartwarming. And exhausting. And wonderful. Admittedly, we run the gamut of emotions this time of year. So, making sure we take time to de-stress and soak it all in is crucial.

We’re so excited to welcome @RobinMartinYoga back for another feature. Later this month, she’ll walk us through her favorite yoga poses for beating stress and opening your heart to the joy of the season.

Have a few question marks left on your holiday shopping list? Don’t panic, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve. Check back next week to see our gift guide! Plus, we’re sharing 5 easy steps to bangin’ brows. Because, let’s be honest, bad brows can throw off your whole party look.

The holiday season is all about spending time with friends and family and cozying up to the ones you loves. And you know who deserves more love and attention than anyone? YOU! So in the spirit of celebration, we want to see the moments that make you feel blissfully warm and fuzzy. From a cup of cocoa by the fire to a gift exchange with your girls, tag @IdealImage in your #MomentOfMe holiday photos and you could be featured in next month’s issue!

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