Breakfast: Start your day the right way

table with cereal and spoons

August is a busy time of the year – if you’re not getting ready to go back to school, you’re likely preparing to send someone else in the family back, impacting your schedule regardless. And with chaotic mornings  comes forgetfulness or carelessness around eating a balanced breakfast – even though you know it’s the most important meal of the day.

This year, why not stand by that statement? There’s no reason you shouldn’t feel and look your best just because your mornings are crazier than ever. Here are a few healthy eating options to try when you’re crunched for time:

1. Overnight oats
What excuse do you have for skipping breakfast when you can prepare the meal the night before? Overnight oats are not only delicious and easy to make, but they’re packed with magnesium, fiber, protein, potassium and more, depending on what natural additives you choose to include. Let lifestyle blog One Green Planet’s quick recipe inspire you to mix things up and create different variations so you never get bored.

“Greek yogurt is packed with calcium and protein.”

2. Greek yogurt
Another delicious and simple breakfast choice with versatility is Greek yogurt. You can try it nonfat, plain, or with natural sweeteners, berries, nuts and granola to spruce things up. What’s best about Greek yogurt is it’s packed with calcium and protein, which can help you feel full and satisfied all morning long. It also comes with virtually no prep time – just snag it from the fridge and be on your way!

“I love Greek yogurt because it’s really quick and easy,” Erica Giovinazzo, MS, told Health magazine. “You can always take it with you on your way out the door.”

3. Avocado toast
Ah, the latest millennial craze: avocado toast. Not only is it tasty and trendy – making for quite the Instagram post – but it harbors many healthy benefits. It’s a choice that’s rich in protein, healthy fats, fiber and other beneficial nutrients. Plus, it’s another simple on-the-go recipe – prepare smashed avocado with your choice of seasoning to sit in the fridge overnight. Wake up and pop your whole-wheat toast in the toaster oven, then slather on your prepared avocado spread and you’re out the door!

Avocado toast is easy to prepare when you're crunched for time.Avocado toast is easy to prepare when you’re crunched for time.

4. Berries
Just about any fruit makes a great snack choice, or an addition to meals, but berries pack quite the punch when it comes to nutritional content. There’s a reason they’re referred to as superfoods, according to Giovinazzo.

“Berries are superfoods because they’re so high in antioxidants without being high in calories,” she told Health magazine.

Take strawberries, for example – they’re loaded with folic acid and fiber and a whole cup contains your daily recommended intake of vitamin C – which is also great for skin. Plus, you just have to wash them off, throw them in a bowl and pop them in your mouth!

Remember: Following a healthy diet – that prioritizes a balanced breakfast – is a key element to feeling and looking your absolute best. If you feel as though you could use an additional confidence boost, schedule your free consultation with Ideal Image today.