Ready to rock your summer look? Start Here.

Rock your summer look

Permission to start summer a month early? Yes, you May. The Make A Splash Issue of our Ideal Image social magazine is all about head-to-toe beauty routines, healthy recipes, fitness tips and info on Ideal Image services.

We’re also excited to introduce the launch of our #HairyChronicles fan features! From embarrassing date night stories and surprise parties gone wrong to office blunders and beauty fails – we’ve all been through our fair share of sticky situations. And we want to hear yours! Later this month, we’ll be asking you to share your juiciest stories for a chance to be featured on our page. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it anonymous.

And in case you missed our introduction from The Launch Issue, here’s a crash course. The Ideal Image social magazine is a curation of tips, tricks and inspiration from our editors at Ideal Image and bloggers we love. By following our channels, you’ll have access to articles, videos, inspiring quotes, service reviews, stories from real Ideal Image guests and so much more.

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