Meet Her On the Mat: @RobinMartinYoga

Meet Robin Martin for Yoga

We’re so excited to be teaming up with Robin Martin in The Surf Into Summer Issue of our Ideal Image social magazine. It took two years of urging from a friend, but once Robin dipped a toe in the yoga pool, she was hooked. Physically, the benefits were obvious, but what surprised her most was the impact her practice had on other parts of her life – yoga calmed her mind in a way nothing had before and suddenly, her stressful job manageable.

It was then that she decided to share her joy with the world – she earned her teaching certifications and became an Instagram sensation. Today, her time on the mat gives her the stillness she needs to balance the responsibilities and challenges life has to offer. She now teaches Vinyasa yoga five days a week and leads workshops around the country.

The inspiring yogi and mom to two beautiful little girls is joining us to introduce our followers to the beauty of yoga. Later this month, she’ll be sharing a series of poses for yogis of all levels, with variations to deepen your practice and offer up all the benefits of a fluid body/breath connection.

Get to know Robin on Instagram, then follow our series next week and meet her on the mat.