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Reviews & Testimonials

Welcome to our reviews and testimonials page. You’ll find reviews, testimonials, videos, and before and after pictures. All information is organized by service, so find the services you’re interested in and see what our guests have to say about them.

Laser Hair Removal Testimonials

Laser hair removal at Ideal Image has changed so many lives in such a significant way. Here are a few of our happy guests sharing their experiences. The testimonials below are taken from actual guests.

CoolSculpting Testimonials

Developed by renowned scientists of Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, the FDA-cleared procedure known as CoolSculpting uses patented cooling technology to eliminate fat cells, without surgery, and little to no downtime. The reduction in fat cells in the treated area provides noticeable, and lasting results to help you look and feel your very best.

  • I got cool sculpting and I loved it. I got my stomach done and lost a bit of my stomach fat. My pants sit better on my stomach now. I went back and got my back done and I'm excited to see the results. All of the staff were very helpful and caring. They explained everything to me every step of the way and made sure I was as comfortable as possible. They got me financing to fit my budget. I'm very pleased.

    Ideal Image Reno

    Peggy Sue Oliphant
    Nov 30, 2017
  • I would highly recommend Ideal Image for anyone who is looking to do laser hair removal and cool sculpting. The staff and providers are so knowledge and friendly and I trust them completely with my procedures. The office is clean and relaxed. So far I have had four treatments to my face and I've seen drastic result. I also did my first cool sculpting treatment 3 months ago to my stomach. I lost 30 lbs but still had a stubborn pouch of unwanted fat. Leigh was fabulous and explained everything to me and made me feel very comfortable. She informed me that I need another round to my abdomen to give me the optimal results I want, but even after the first round I definitely noticed my abdomen was flatter. I'm very excited for my second CS treatment this month!

    Ideal Image Garden City

    Susan Stoller
    Aug 28, 2017
  • I am so happy with my results! After my second baby with a repeat c-section, I was really struggling to lose the excess weight around my mid-section. Diet and exercise were not changing the tape measurements and I had to be compliant with body fat standards for the Army at 6 months postpartum. I had my first procedure 6 weeks prior to my deadline and saw such a difference in my hips and back. With this reduction, I achieved my body fat requirements right at my 6 month postpartum mark. Since then, I continue to see a significant reduction in the treated areas and am feeling more confident in my post baby body. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone is struggling to recover their figure after pregnancy.

    Ideal Image San Antonio

    Jacquelyn Messenger
    Dec 9, 2017
  • Everyone was so very kind and friendly. The coolsculpting procedure was effortless and a great time to just relax and catch-up on my reading. I was given complete and comprehensive instructions when my session was finished. I was told what to expect every step of the way. I was also told to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I was told my results would be enhanced if I ate a proper healthy diet and exercised regularly, which I did. My results are absolutely outstanding after only one session! The staff was thrilled with my results. In fact, I do not need a second session! I could not be happier. Coolsculpting was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

    Ideal Image Sarasota

    Karen Joseph
    Jan 16, 2018
  • As a client of both Coolsculpting and laser hair removal, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my results from Ideal Image. For the laser hair removal, I no longer have that irritating razor rash we girls tend to get in the summer for the bikini area. The pores just completely disappear so the look and feel is as smooth as the skin on the inside of your wrist. This treatment allows me to go to the beach or pool at the spur of the moment and not have a worry in the world about razor bumps, if I missed a spot, none of it. I also did Coolsculpting to rid myself of that last layer of fat u simply couldn't lose. As a woman over 40, I struggled with losing the fat around my midsection. I was in school, run a business, taking care if my family and it was taking its toll on my body. When I finally had time to take care of me, the struggle was real. Coolsculpting allowed me to kick start my body back to feeling normal again. It reduced the fat around my midsection and made me feel so much better about myself. I've seen others with similar products, but I will always be an Ideal Image girl because I see the results, I live these results, and I LOVE my results. I'm looking forward to tackling my "11's" with their new injections soon. Ideal Image has really given me back my self esteem and I couldn't be more grateful. ❤

    Ideal Image Lakeland

    Kimberly Shorette
    Feb 6, 2018

Real results from real guests.

  • Before and After CoolSculpting Female Stomach Front
  • Before and After CoolSculpting Female Stomach Side View
  • Before and After CoolSculpting Male Love Handles 12 weeks
*Results may vary

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Anti-Age Testimonials

this is a placeholder for anti-age reviews summary. Would like to have some content placed here from the anti-age pages. Something generic because it will have to apply for multiple anti-age modalities.

  • I love this place! My first time to ever have botox and filler in my lips and all I can say about my results is "WOW"!!! As soon as I walked in I was immediately greeted by Heather and Bailey at the front desk. They were so friendly, helping me feel less nervous just by taking the time to talk to me and make me laugh. The nurses are absolutely amazing. They made sure I understood exactly what was being done each step of the way so there was no anxiety and it was painless! I absolutely love Jessica & also met Amanda who was welcoming & nice. I can't wait to go back and be treated by either of them! I will tell everyone I know to go here..and I know A LOT of people.

    Ideal Image Nashville

    Amy Stelzer
    Aug 12th, 2018
  • I have been going here for 5 months now, since they hired new staff. I noticed prior reviews were old. I have had my lips, cheeks, and forehead done and BBL; I am looking 20 years younger. Today I’m getting ultherapy on my chin and in two weeks cool sculpting. I have not felt this great about myself since my 20s. Angela the PA does a fantastic job, she is so maticulous about my looks I come out looking very natural every time. Great staff and excellent professional natural work.

    Ideal Image Omaha

    Shannon Picha
    Dec 8th, 2017
  • The staff at ideal image KOP is wonderful! Their services are life changing. I suffered from sun and age spots and the BBL changed my life. My skin is so youthful now and it GLOWS; so worth every penny!!! The girls are also amazing with Botox and filler, so much more gentle than my plastic surgeon and the price was way more reasonable. Can’t say enough positive things!

    Ideal Image King of Prussia

    Sarah Taylor
    Dec 19th, 2017
  • Got my second BBL Forever Young treatment and saw amazing results immediately! My eyes look less sunken in and my skin already feels healthier, and I think it's even still in recovery for another 24 hours! Thank you so much to the staff at this location for consulting me in using this for my rosacea, scaring, and uneven skin tone. My technician Marissa had great bedside manner and knew exactly what she was doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you again!

    Ideal Image Centennial

    Darylynn Wirtala
    Feb 17th, 2018
  • I have been going to ideal image for years, and have used multiple services they offer. I recently got a package for their BBL laser treatment for my face. I have suffered with adult acne for years and thought there would be no end. After the first treatment my skin totally cleared up, and became flawlessly smooth. Everyone around me noticed the difference too. My confidence in my skin has boosted and I am now able to not have to wear foundation to cover any blemishes. The BBL changed my skin in the best way possible. Thanks so much ideal image! I will definitely be getting a touch up package come spring!

    Ideal Image Wexford

    Tina Porter
    Feb 20th, 2018
  • I am so extremely happy with my experience here! I had been researching lip injections for weeks and checking out so many places online within a 100 mile radius. I chatted with a girl online through their website and they were able to fit me in that same day for the consultation and procedure! All of the ladies at their office were so welcoming and really made me feel relaxed. They were all so knowledgeable about their products and made sure I was comfortable with everything before starting and throughout the procedure. I was extremely nervous as this was my first time and I am super glad I went here instead of anywhere else. The ladies took the time to ask what I wanted multiple times and gave me options to choose from. The prices are affordable and they were very understanding when I needed to take a minute to relax from my anxiety. I will be recommending them to anyone I know looking for cosmetic procedures and I will be retuning to their office regularly! Thank you ladies so much for my beautiful lips!!

    Ideal Image Wellington

    Makena Mazur
    Feb 22nd, 2018

Real results from real guests.

  • Hand Sun Spot Removal Before BBL BEFORE
    Hand Sun Spot Removal After BBL AFTER
  • Female Freckle Removal Before BBL BEFORE
    Female Freckle Removal After BBL AFTER
  • Amy before botox
    Amy after botox
  • Tamara before botox
    Tamara after botox
*Results may vary

What our clients have to say about our Med Pros

  • Katy at the Buford location was so professional and made me comfortable right away! She explained all of the treatment options to help restore my youthful appearance and keep me within my set budget. I could not be happier with the filler was instantaneous! I was nervous about not looking natural after having Botox and filler but it’s the best thing I have done for myself in years! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Katy, thanks for making me feel so at ease!

    - Maria M. talking about Med Pro Katy M.

    Buford, GA

  • Rosalynn's always available to answer any of my questions or concerns. She always tells you what to expect before a procedure to begin. She offers wonderful customer service and it's always a delight to see her for touch-ups.

    - Stephanie L. talking about Med Pro Rosalynn T.

    Kendall, FL

  • Lynda is the BEST nurse there! She takes her time with you and makes sure she zaps every single hair! Plus, she makes you laugh during your treatment! I love Lynda!!

    - Heather W. talking about Med Pro Lynda R.

    Sunset Hills, MO

  • Not only is Sandy extremely professional and ethical in her work she's also kind and caring throughout my treatments she is pleasant and personable. She greets me with a smile and makes my visit as pleasurable as possible. She's number one for me and I will only book my appointments with her!

    - Natasha Z. talking about Med Pro Sandy T.

    Plantation, FL

  • I see Julie for both my laser hair removal treatments and my Botox injections. Julie is always friendly and personable, and I feel very comfortable under her care. As a medical professional myself, I truly respect and appreciate health care providers that have the bedside manner that Julie has. You are appreciated. Happy Nurses Week!

    - Courtney G. talking about Med Pro Julie P.

    West Chester, OH

  • Victoria is by far the best Med Pro there is! Any and all questions I had, she answered. She put me at ease and made me comfortable before starting any of the process. Having PCOS, I already felt insecure, but since the day I met her, she has made me feel okay about myself and told me, "We will get your confidence back," and that is exactly what she is doing! I'm forever grateful for Victoria!

    - Amanda F. talking about Med Pro Victoria V.

    Buford, GA

  • Jessica K. is an amazing professional nurse. She is always detail oriented when I get treated by her. She also makes sure I am always satisfied before leaving, and answers all of my questions. I recommend her to all my family and friends!

    - Josie. talking about Med Pro Jessica K.

    Westminster, CO

  • Alyssa is the best at fillers! I also have had BBL under her care and will continue to come to this special lady for many years to come so that I can take advantage of all of her wonderful skills!

    - Brenda H. talking about Med Pro Alyssa A.

    Washington Heights, TX

  • Shelly is awesome! She is so friendly, patient , thorough, and she is very knowledgeable. I request her as my provider for every treatment. Thanks for always taking care of us Shelly!

    - Nicole F. talking about Med Pro Shelly A.

    Tampa, FL

  • I can't say enough great things about Erin. She is caring, patient and very kind. I would refer anyone to Erin because of her skill and professionalism. From one nurse to another, Happy Nurse's Week Erin. You are awesome and should be very proud of your commitment to your clients!

    - Kendra T. talking about Med Pro Erin S.

    Bellevue, KY

  • Her steady hands, amazing smile and cute personality makes me feel so comfortable! Not to mention how knowledgeable she is. Chelsea has so much compassion for her job.

    - Carol H. talking about Med Pro Chelsea M.

    Novi, MI

  • She's amazing at what she does! Botox and Juvéderm have never been done better on me. I will continue to see her for all of my cosmetic needs!

    - Nikkolette C. talking about Med Pro Christie L.

    Palm Harbor, FL

  • Allegra is warm, friendly, empathetic and excellent at doing laser hair removal. I am loving my results!

    - Gentry D. talking about Med Pro Allegra S.

    Tigard, OR

  • Alaina is the best! I always have a fun time just talking to her during my treatment. Despite having many clients, she always remembers me and picks up our conversation where we left off every time I come in.

    - Katelynn B. talking about Med Pro Alaina W.

    Little Rock, AR

  • Katie is a consummate professional whose opinion I trust and rely on 100%. Katie is my go-to girl! Lovely, sweet and adorable that's my med pro Katie!!

    - Kris M. talking about Med Pro Katie L.

    King of Prussia, PA

  • Emily is amazing - she is very meticulous, sweet, and so welcoming!

    - Devyn W. talking about Med Pro Emily F.

    Winston Salem, NC

  • Heather knows my skin. She gets excited seeing changes in my skin as much as I do. She is not only professional but personable as well. She makes my BBL and Botox treatments something I look forward to.

    - Patricia S. talking about Med Pro Heather S.

    Raleigh, NC

  • Leah is the best provider I have ever met!! Very professional and the kind of person that goes out of her way to accommodate your needs!

    - Emma P. talking about Med Pro Leah B.

    Plano, TX

  • Jen has done an amazing job with my BBL. She has great customer service skills and explains everything every step of the way. She is amazing and I highly recommend her!

    - Kim H. talking about Med Pro Jen P.

    Bellevue, KY

  • Amy is wonderful nurse and provider. I always feel like she listens to what I want and helps me make the correct decisions for my needs. I trust her implicitly to do what's best for me.

    - Jane B. talking about Med Pro Amy R.

    Springfield, MO

  • She is patient sweet and takes her time, makes you feel comfortable and confident that you are in good hands.

    - Tiffany M. talking about Med Pro Jade L.

    Newport News, VA

  • I have been receiving laser hair removal treatments from Tracey over the last year or so and have been extremely pleased with her punctuality, professionalism and overall care. She greets me with a beautiful smile and has a wonderful personality that is evident of one who enjoys her job.

    - Felicia M. talking about Med Pro Traci C.

    Robinson, PA

  • Glenda is the BEST! I love her approach and how she explains the stages and process of my hair removal. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

    - Wendy K. talking about Med Pro Glenda P.

    Tucson, AZ

  • We always have the best conversations and she is so nice. I always look forward to my appointments with her.

    - Maddy S. talking about Med Pro Chole M.

    Woodbury, MN

  • She is amazing and so knowledgeable on her profession! Never met any one more perfect for the job!

    - Lindsay W. talking about Med Pro Meghan H.

    Newport News, VA

  • Jason is my GO-TO at Ideal Image. From my first appointment, Jason has been patient, kind, and has given me really good advice as I have continued to expand my services.

    - Aman D. talking about Med Pro Jason S.

    Attleboro, MA

  • Stephanie is always friendly and goes above and beyond. It is apparent that she is dedicated to her profession and to making me feel comfortable. Stephanie does a wonderful job making the overall experience great!

    - Brian F. talking about Med Pro Stephanie H.

    Sunset Hills, MO

  • Liz was professional, pleasant and did an excellent job on the procedure! I think she's a great representation of Ideal Image.

    - Dionne E. talking about Med Pro Liz B.

    Newport News, VA

  • Aubrey is quite the asset at Ideal Image. She is knowledgeable, kind, patient, funny and makes getting the treatments enjoyable!

    - Elizabeth L. talking about Med Pro Aubry J.

    Tucson, AZ

  • I love my Med Pro Madison because from the first time I met her she made me feel very comfortable. Shehas always made me feel comfortable and good about myself. She is a great listener and really shows she cares. I look forward to my treatments!

    - Bethany W. talking about Med Pro Madison H.

    Rochester Hills, NY

  • Lauren is ALWAYS courteous, accommodating, and friendly. She always makes me feel like the center of the world during my treatments! I trust her with my laser treatments and tell all of my friends about her.

    - Caitlyn S. talking about Med Pro Lauren M.

    Westminster, CO

  • She is the absolute BEST! I've never felt more comfortable than when I started doing my sessions with her. Always team Leah! All of my girlfriends are looking to book with her!

    - Cinthya S. talking about Med Pro Leah G.

    Coral Gables, FL

  • Deena is amazing. She is great at what she does and keeps you wanting to come back

    - Amy Jo S. talking about Med Pro Deena B.

    Nashville, TN

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