5 tips for effectively removing your makeup

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After a late night out, removing your makeup is probably the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, TheHealthsite said leaving your makeup on while you sleep can be detrimental to the health of your skin. It can enlarge your pores, increase your chance of having acne and even cause premature aging. Turn removing your makeup into an easy and effective habit instead of an annoying chore with these five helpful tips.

1. Use a wet washcloth
If the end of the night has snuck up on you and you don’t have the energy to give your face a full wash, Real Simple magazine suggested simply dampening a soft washcloth with warm water to wipe away your makeup. Move the cloth around your face as a quick alternative to a thorough cleaning.

2. Tie your hair back
This may seem obvious, but pulling back your hair can make removing your makeup much more efficient. Teen Vogue magazine said that tying your hair in a ponytail will expose your whole face and hairline, opening up the area you should be washing. Makeup tends to build up around your hairline, which can cause blemishes if you neglect to wash it.

Tie your hair back to effectively remove the makeup from your entire face.Tie your hair back to effectively remove the makeup from your entire face.

3. Invest in natural oil
If you find yourself unwilling to spend the money on a brand name makeup remover, have no fear – coconut oil has got you covered. Not only is it an inexpensive oil, it’s a natural and efficient way to remove your makeup! According to Health magazine, a teaspoon or less of this magic solution can easily take off your eye makeup.

“Using a small amount of remover is very effective.”

4. Use cleansing cloths
For a quick and effective substitute for face washing, Real Simple recommended keeping a box of cleansing cloths in your nightstand. If you’ve already tucked yourself into bed after a night out and you forgot to wash your face, just reach into your handy cleansing cloth stash to save your complexion.

5. Use less remover
When applying your makeup remover, remember: A little goes a long way. Teen Vogue said using a small amount of remover is very effective and it will save you money in the long run. By applying less, you’ll also save time, which will get you to bed quicker.