How to create an effortless summer beauty look

woman applying lipstick

Sunscreen? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Mascara? Hold up.

When it comes to beach season, it can be tempting to leave your makeup bag untouched. The constant jumping in the pool and the ocean can leave your makeup smudged. However, with a few quick makeup swaps, you can keep your beauty regimen the same without having to worry about mascara running down your face after a quick dip in the water. Check out our tips below to keep your makeup game strong this summer:

Keep even coverage with BB cream
As much as we love foundation, it can feel heavy and oily in the middle of 90-degree weather. Enter BB cream. This “beauty balm” cream offers the same coverage that can give you a smooth complexion as well as the necessary SPF dose to keep your skin protected. You can also get a boost of anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Seek out a water-resistant, not waterproof, blend that won’t run in the face of chlorine, makeup artist Alexis Comforti noted to Racked.

“Water resistant works just as well if you are worried about sweat, or makeup staying on while you walk around,” she said. “The sealants are lighter and gentler on your skin. People use waterproof for long-lasting and that’s fine but there are products that are lighter. You want your skin to breathe more.”

Choosing a mascara with all-natural ingredients can still keep you pool-ready this summer.Choosing a mascara with all-natural ingredients can still keep you pool-ready this summer.

Buy natural waterproof mascara
As we get older, our eyelashes become more brittle. Investing in chemical-laden mascara can exacerbate the problem. However, many of these chemicals keep water away and stop mascara from running down our faces. What’s a girl to do? Before you buy, look closer at the ingredients list. Natural ingredients like beeswax, candelilla wax and carnauba wax can deflect water without making your lashes more brittle, POPSUGAR noted. Stay away from products that include paraffin and petrolatum, which are petroleum-based and can lead to a build-up of toxins in the body, One Green Planet noted. Then you can stay in the water without worrying!

Keep a kissable pout with SPF lipstick
Our lips are just as prone to getting burned and dried out as the rest of our body – and yet, they don’t create any naturally-protective oil to keep them soft. However, thin, cracked lips can age us faster than you can say ‘pool party.’ To keep your lips protected, make sure to keep them hydrated, Shape Magazine suggested. This can help maintain a plump pout. In addition, choose lipsticks and tinted lip balms that include hydrating ingredients like vitamin E and coconut oil – and don’t forget the SPF! They can help fight against sunburn and soothe lips after a day at the beach.

There’s no need to forget your makeup bag when the weather gets warmer. Instead, you can invest in poolside-ready products that will keep your skin protected from the sun and keep you looking fabulous all summer long. Now – who’s ready for the beach?