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CoolSculpting® In Metairie, LA: No Needles, No Surgery, And No Downtime Required

At Ideal Image, we believe that it is never too early or too late to start your personal wellness journey and as North America’s leading medical aesthetics provider for simple, fast, and cutting-edge treatments, you have come to the right place. Ideal Image offers CoolSculpting® in Metairie for anyone who is interested in getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat for good. If you have a well-established workout routine and you are still struggling to get rid of fat in certain areas of your body, this non-surgical treatment may be the perfect choice for you.

What Is CoolSculpting® In Metairie, LA?

Using an FDA-cleared cooling process, our Medical Professionals administer CoolSculpting® to clients who have not been able to reduce pockets of fat by way of diet or exercise. During the treatment, a patented freezing device will be placed over the area of fat cells in the body. While remaining on top of the skin, the device will issue a cooling blast that essentially freezes and kills off these extra pockets of fat. Once they are frozen solid, your body is able to recognize them as fat cells and will start to resorb them, leaving you with a slimmer and trimmer look. You can leave the office immediately following your short and effective treatment of CoolSculpting® in Metairie. There is absolutely no downtime or recovery time required, meaning you can jump right back into your busy schedule without having to stress. Within a few months following your treatment, you will start to see up to 25% of the treated fat cells diminished.

Our CoolSculpting® Technique = Even More Fat Loss

When you choose Ideal Image for this rejuvenating treatment, you are signing up for trustwrothy, experienced Medical Professionals who are ready to help you achieve the confidence you have been longing for. With over 200 additional hours of training completed at the Ideal Image Institute, our Medical Professionals specialize in non-invasive treatments that give you the results you truly deserve. Since we are the largest CoolSculpting® provider in the U.S., we make it our mission to center your personal health and wellness above all else. We take this treatment seriously, and we also work tirelessly to ensure that our practices, policies, and accessibility options are the best in the area. With CoolSculpting® in Metairie, you can expect to have the problem areas of your body finely and precisely targeted, only treating the specific fat cells you are looking to get rid of. Once this stubborn fat is frozen and gone, it can never return. This makes it so much easier for you to achieve the slim and trim figure you’ve always wanted.

Real And Permanent Fat Elimination Is Possible With CoolSculpting® In Metairie, LA

CoolSculpting® is a highly trusted, safe method of permanently reducing fat that does not require you to go under the knife. And that’s not all; there are plenty of unique advantages to enjoy when you choose Ideal Image for your next CoolSculpting® session:
  • Save hours of time when you schedule a fast and efficient CoolSculpting® session at any of our Ideal Image points of care, as there is absolutely no downtime required.
  • Save money on affordable treatments with any number of available payment plans, which offer strong approval guarantees. Additionally, members can enjoy better benefits after joining the Lifetime Membership Guarantee*, which offers discounts on future sessions of CoolSculpting® in Metairie.
  • You will be treated with personal attention and care from the moment you schedule a consultation with our Aesthetic Consultants to each and every subsequent session dedicated to your ultimate wellness.
  • Every CoolSculpting® session eliminates up to 25% of the targeted stubborn fat cells as your body naturally breaks down this fat after it is frozen.
  • You are able to treat multiple areas of the body at once, including the abdomen, back, arms, neck, legs, buttocks, and more.
You deserve to look and feel your best at all times. At Ideal Image, it is our mission to continue providing the most convenient and effective treatments on the market today, giving you a way to reduce stubborn pockets of fat without having to invest in surgery. Save time, money, and stress when you visit us online and schedule your free consultation for CoolSculpting® in Metairie today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CoolSculpting® safe?
As a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment, CoolSculpting® is incredibly safe. There are almost no risks associated with this type of treatment, although a thorough check-in will be completed by your Medical Professional before you can move forward with the treatment. Some clients experience a pinching sensation while the machines are running, but there should be no lingering side effects.
Will eliminated fat ever return?
The stubborn fat that has been frozen and eliminated by the CoolSculpting® process can never return. Most fat does not have a chance of growing back in that same area. It is still possible for you to gain weight overall, though, but this weight will be distributed throughout other parts of your body.
Is there a certain number of CoolSculpting® In Metairie treatments that I should have?
No two clients are alike, and your future plan of care is determined by your individual needs. During your initial consultation with your Aesthetic Consultant, as well as during your first appointment with a team of Medical Professionals, you will be able to work with our team to determine the number of treatments that work best for you.

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